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Deadpool 2 Review-A near-life portrayal of the supernatural genre


Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison

Director: David Leitch

MPAA rating: R

Runtime: 119 minutes

2018 seems a period of superhero movies. With super mights and actions, movies have gone on to become some kind of freaking titbit of adventures that seem endless. Ever seen the X-Men series? It’s an ideal form of a movie stretching beyond the real world into a world known by monsters and no-ordinary men.

At the beginning we are introduced to Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/the Deadpool) whose body scar is so scary you would think he is damned for life. But he is not; he is in fact the mercenary that forms a team of mutants, the X-force in the blockbuster movie.

David Leitch’s superpower movie is focused on Deadpool whose main objective is to rescue a mutant, a member of his X-force from the wickedness of Cable, a very powerful soldier, out to wreck anyone he chances upon.

The Casting Kind of Makes Much Sense:

Of course the fiery, wounded but determined Deadpool, Wade Wilson, is the main character, who after a trial period at the start of the movie regains his energy inspiring him to form the X-force team. Ryan Reynolds plays this part pretty well. Among notable others are Cable (Josh Brolin), time-traveling demonic soldier described by the movie director David Leitch as “sort of classic buddy-cop fare” when compared with Deadpool, and the sorry killing of Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) at the beginning of the movie as if Deadpool is not already too weakened by another burden of rescuing the young mutant whom Cable is willing to hunt down. There are many other brief appearances though, like Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler.

Deadpool 2 and the Similarity

The eleventh time of the X-Men series comeback is this 2018 American superhero movie that continued on the idea with which the first part, Deadpool, came alive in 2016. Even in some cases, some critics have likened the actions in the film to those of X-Men series. Also, when X-Men’s dark Phoenix was being produced in Montreal at the same time as Deadpool 2, the scene in which there is a reflection of the X-Men through an open door is also added to Deadpool 2.

Interestingly Contrite, Witty and Tragic

Imagine targeting an enemy for two years without success only for that same target to kill your most cherished company and ruin your most cherished moment. That is exactly what Wade Wilson faces when his girlfriend, Vanessa,  with whom he plans to start a family, gives up the ghost. This scene makes Cable look triumphant over the sobered and suicide-attempting Wade Wilson who feels his life is worthless without her lover. The scene where he tries to blow himself up is tragic and emotionally intriguing. And the too many ideas of the afterlife and out-of-this-world scenes are made to look so real you might want to believe that Vanessa’s body pieces really are alive. And hunt Cable’s hunt for Collins is charged, especially with Wade Wilson’s several foiled attempt to kill him. Even the “Ice Box” prison does not deter Cable from carrying out his heinous crimes.

Between the Devil and The Blue Sea?

This 20th century fox produced film dramatises dilemmas. Some so obvious everyone could figure it out on their own while others are embedded in the moral fabric of the movie. The question is, why would Wade Wilson join the X-Men? If for healing, how best can a man wounded in character and affection feel secure in the midst of men out to avenge people’s wrongdoings to them. Then the mercenary Deadpool kills the innocent orphanage staff for no reason except that Collins has been abused by one of them. Even the villain Cable has a reason for his action too: his own family had already been murdered by the older Collins. And one might be tempted to ask that, giving this situation who really is to blame. Is it Wilson’s vengeance for the death of his girlfriend or Cable’s murdered family? Also, when Collins is being transferred to another prison, the convoy is attacked by a parachuting Wilson who nearly dies after the assault. But domino too is safe. If Collins had not freed Jaugernaught would the convoy have eventually been destroyed or would they all have perished from the battle? Fate too could have been part of it, otherwise Wilson should not have leapt to take the bullet meant for the young mutant. But the icebox collar which he has on, the whole event is then reversed. After his reunion with Vanessa and Collins refusal to kill the headmaster, everything, every event comes back to normal and so Cable’s family are now safe.

Deadpool 2 and the Other Side

To every film there is the other side, however interesting, however near-perfect the storyline. Very noteworthy here is Joi “SJ” Harris death during a stunt in one of the scenes when producing the movie. As expected, the film is dedicated to her. It’s indeed a huge sacrifice. Also, because of its explicit sexual as well as violent content, it received a parental advisory warning. This treat of course is expected when a film as popular as Deadpool 2 especially with the heat earlier generated among its fans in the first Deadpool. With this Simon Kinberg had an idea of how well the movie would be received even before its final stage of production.


Record-breaker Film

If you have not seen Deadpool 2, the critical response for it alone would spur you on. Even before the release date, many have expected so much from it. Then by the time it came out in May 10, 2018, the reviews for the film are enormously encouraging. On Rotten Tomatoes, the popular review website, alone, the movie has received an approval a 7/10 rating  of 83% from 286 reviews. In short, since its release the blockbuster movie has received numerous positive reviews. On the renowned Metacritic website, 51 critics have rated the movie 66 out of 100. And several other great reviews that have been accorded the Ryan Reynolds’ film.

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